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Is your business suitable for SeedTribe?

We started Seedtribe to help UK-based entrepreneurs bring about positive change in the world. We continue to be so inspired by the entrepreneurs who approach us and lay out their vision for the future. We aim to support as many entrepreneurs as possible – unfortunately, this can only be so many, and we are faced with the hard decision of deciding who we support from so many applications.

So, before you start our application, it’s worth reading through the following five sections to understand what we are looking and gauge whether your business is suitable.

  1. A Great Business

  2. By great, we mean:

    • Are you specialist in your field and do you have the go-getter attitude of an entrepreneur who passionately believes in their idea?

    • Do you have a great team who share your vision and who have the complementary skills to help you drive this forward?

    • Is your business model sound and sustainable, based on realistic assumptions?

    • Is the market size big enough to be worth addressing?

    • Is your execution strategy for operations, tech, marketing, sales, production, distribution, etc well thought through and integrated?

    • Do you have some traction in the market, or at least a proof of concept?

    • Is your valuation fair?

  3. “Impactful”

  4. We consider all great business but give preference to 'impact' companies. By this we mean businesses whose purpose is to address a social and/or environmental challenge that will have a positive benefit to society. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our framework – this should give you an idea of the types of problems we love entrepreneurs to address.

  5. Evidence

  6. Are you confident that any statement you make is something you can substantiate? We are FCA regulated and have the duty to ensure that any pitch we showcase is truthful and not misleading. This means that any information you submit must be backed up by evidence, and any projections you make must be realistic and carefully thought through.

  7. Visual Branding

  8. Do you have great pictures and a video? We all know that a picture tells a thousand words. We’ve lost count of how many words a video tells! Having great visual content makes a huge difference in piquing investors’ interest to find out more about the business.

    So, we require that you have these for us to see or are in the process of producing them.

Think you are suitable? Then we’d love to hear from you.

You should now complete your pre-application, so we can review your application with the investment committee and come back to you with next steps.

Please note that we can only take on Limited Companies registered in the UK. At the moment, SeedTribe can only accept businesses that match these criteria but you are most welcome to showcase your business on our open platform Angel Investment Network which will accept businesses from around the world.




You have passed the test and you may continue your with your investment.