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Machine Editable Test

Machine gives advertisers unparalleled insight, control and total efficiency by consolidating the many sources of campaign data in an end-to-end digital advertising facility.

  • SaaS Mobile Advertising and Marketing technology
  • 1st year revenue £400k (Sept 15 / Aug 16)
  • Clients include: Sky, Cisco, Coral, Cannon, William Hill and EE
  • Received 2nd bookings from Cisco and Cannon over 5 times bigger than 1st
  • EIS Qualified
12% Progress
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United Kingdom

Soy un representante de un grupo inversor chino muy fuerte y por amistad de muchos años con mi familia yo soy la persona de confianza de este grupo para gestio...


Intermediacion entre el producto y mi cliente


United Kingdom



United Kingdom



Team Track Record

The team behind SeedTribe have a proud history of raising funds for ground-breaking and successful companies including:



Fund raised - £550,000

"Facial re-recognition technology. SeeQuestor have developed software to automatically identify suspects from 1,000's of hours of CCTV footage. It will standardise the format, making files playable on all computers and has the potential to save enforcement ages thousands of pounds and hours."



Fund raised - £660,000

"Global positioning technology, What3Words have chopped the world into 57 trillion 3x3m squares and given each one of them a name. Using the idea that 3 words are easier to remember and that a considerable portion of the world hasn't got a postcode W3W are looking to change the way we find people."

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