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Seedtribe allows you to invest seamlessly (from £100) into the most promising UK startups already backed by leading angel investors.

We are the UK’s leading angel-led equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to impactful, profit-driven businesses.

We are experts in securing investment and have raised over £100m for UK startups.

We select profit-driven businesses that fit the United Nations' 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) and aim to produce positive and lasting social change.

We are powered by Angel Investment Network - the world’s largest network of angel investors and entrepreneurs.

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Work For Good

£54k raised with 10 investors through Seedtribe (May 2018)

Context: UK annual charity income is £20bn but only 2% of this comes from corporations - the process is complex and costly with many legal obstacles.

Concept: Work For Good has created a market for corporate giving by removing these barriers.

“The SeedTribe team were helpful and proactive, and thanks to their powerful network we were delighted to close our investment round with minimal fuss. We can now get on with growing the business! Their selection criteria are high, so if you can get your business accepted onto the platform, I would highly recommend that you do so as it's validation in itself and gives you a strong chance of closing your round in good time.”

Karen Beavor, Founder




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