October Newsletter: Insider-view of our new SeedTribe Hub!


We are delighted to share with you the launch of SeedTribe’s new collaborative Hub!

SeedTribe is a hub for people who believe in enacting positive change through business, in all its forms. 

We are no longer just about discovering impactful investments, instead, it is an exciting new hub of activity showcasing:

  • Innovative impact-driven companies
  • Upcoming impact related events
  • A curated list of learning resources and podcasts
  • Mentoring and job opportunities (coming soon!)

The world is facing countless challenges, from climate change to gender inequality. Money is not the only thing of value when it comes to investing: your time, energy, expertise and ideas are also essential for collective action and to initiate change. SeedTribe offers many different ways to become part of this journey, whatever your interests may be. 


From our Hub, we have brought together some of our favourite startups, podcasts and webinars on the topics of waste and mental health. If you are looking to invest or want to learn more about how startups are addressing these issues, read the posts below, summarising our thoughts on 2 top trending topics:

Waste Innovation

Waste no longer has to be wasteful, but can be reused in a myriad of ground-breaking ways. This week we are showcasing startups who are rethinking how to meet the world’s energy needs by reusing waste. 

Mental Health Matters

Following on from World Mental Health Awareness Day, we are looking at what new services startups are creating to improve mental wellbeing and how issues of mental health are understood amongst the startup community.

Let us know what you think

We will publicly announce the launch of SeedTribe in a couple of weeks but we wanted you, our SeedTribe members, to be the first to know and have the chance to shape it before we tell the world.

To visit the brand new SeedTribe site click here. We would love your feedback to ensure we are providing our members with the most inspiring opportunities, in the most engaging way.

Please email any ideas to liv@seedtribe.com or take 1 minute to share your first impressions HERE. We would love to hear from you!

Best wishes,

Liv and the SeedTribe team

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