SeedTribe Crowdfunding - About Us

Back in 2004, we started Angel Investment Network, an online platform connecting startups with a global network of angel investors.

Many of our colleagues and acquaintances were starting businesses. Lots of them had brilliant ideas. But they were struggling to find the seed funding necessary to grow, and the best investors to guide their growth.

The problem was undermining the startup scene and stopping so many great ideas from getting off the ground. We thought we could help.

Our platform now has 30 branches extending to over 80 countries. We have 932,345 registered members with 166,663 investors and 761,276 entrepreneurs.

This makes us the largest angel investment community in the world, and we’re growing daily. As a result, we’ve already raised over £300 million for some of the coolest startups in the UK and across the world.

SeedTribe is the next step in our journey to help entrepreneurs and angel investors…

After 13 years running Angel Investment Network, we realized that many of the best companies set £25,000+ as their minimum investment requirement. This is a problem for investors who want to diversify their portfolio and are unwilling to commit large amounts.

SeedTribe allows investors to commit as little as £1,000 and still invest in some of the most exciting UK startups through our nominee structure. And thanks to unique relationship with Angel Investment Network, smaller investors can follow more experienced investors who have committed larger sums into a deal.

We hope you like it.

James Badgett & Mike Lebus
Founders SeedTribe & Angel Investment Network




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