SeedTribe - About Us

Our Story

SeedTribe is the UK’s leading angel-led crowdfunding platform, dedicated to impactful, profit-driven businesses.

We launched in 2017 against a backdrop of increasing macro-level social and environmental issues. We want to help the growing number of impact-conscious businesses and investors to connect and, together, bring about positive and lasting solutions to the world’s most serious problems.

The “impact” movement is growing fast: the global impact investment market is set to grow by 18% year-on-year to 2020 when it will be worth an estimated $307bn.

SeedTribe’s mission is to give investors the best opportunity to tap into this market and use their capital to make a genuine difference to the world while generating strong returns from early-stage investments.

Our FCA-regulated platform connects investors with a curated marketplace of talented entrepreneurs who have the vision, skills, tools and resources to lead companies that are sustainable and impactful.

As part of Angel Investment Network - the world’s largest and fastest-growing network of investors and entrepreneurs, SeedTribe is integrated with a network of 160,000+ angel investors. It is these angels who will often act as lead investors into Seedtribe businesses.




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