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The world needs change…

Business is a powerful force. It connects people, systems and markets in a dynamic that drives innovation and progress.

But when the goals and incentives are misplaced, that change can come at a cost. A cost which can be considerable and, as we are discovering, even catastrophic.

The desire for short-term profit gain has, for too long, taken precedence over a more prescient concern for future value. Chasing pure profit, with no accountability to people and planet has played a role in the number of unaddressed social and environmental challenges currently facing us.

We are only just waking up to this reality.

After years of business characterized by this ‘growth at all costs’ attitude, we are beginning to come to terms with the havoc wreaked across social and environmental systems. We are realizing that mindless consumption is, not only not the route to happiness, but also, comes at a cost far more horrifying than ever previously imagined.

The wake-up calls have become increasingly frequent and increasingly alarming. There is now a growing collective awareness that change must happen; and it must happen soon. Investors, governments, entrepreneurs and civil society are all, to varying degrees, highlighting the need to come up with better solutions.

This movement towards positive change is growing. It has taken many forms from ocean clean-up projects and Netflix documentaries to the smallest of individual actions.

It’s now time for the power of business to take a leading role.

The force of business as a driver of change can go a long way to addressing some of our biggest and most pressing issues. The so-called ‘triple bottom line’ framework (people, profit and planet) is not only a way to create a better future through business, but also a sustainable and powerful means of value creation that pays dividends to all stakeholders, including our planet.

Already, the ‘impact investment’ space has made significant strides with companies like Good Energy, Winnow and What3Words showing that business models combining profit/growth and concern for the planet and its people can be attractive propositions for investors.

Why SeedTribe?

At SeedTribe, we believe that business can be our most powerful driver to enact meaningful and positive change in the world.

Business as a force for good has virtually unlimited potential. But, despite reaching a market cap of $500bn and growing five-fold since 2013, the impact space is still in its infancy.

Some investors still mistake investing in impact/business-for-good/profit-with-purpose as philanthropy. This could not be further from the truth. ‘Impact’ business do not seek to achieve an environmental/social purpose at the expense of profit, but rather, profit-creation is intertwined with achieving their purpose.

As more people become concerned with the pressing issues of our time and realise that business for good has huge growth and profit potential, we expect the growth trend of this sector to continue.

At SeedTribe, we aim to support and accelerate this.

With the right support system in place, we can build a better future and help change the way people view and carry out business.

Businesses must be accountable not only to shareholders but also to the planet in which it operates. In our view, businesses that do this, offer the best chance at prosperity for themselves as well as everyone around them.

How SeedTribe is helping…

SeedTribe believes in collaboration and action.

Collaboration is the most powerful tool we have for inspiring and empowering change. At SeedTribe, we connect individuals, startups, corporates, volunteers and governments to create unstoppable forces for enacting positive change through business.

We enable action by connecting the dots: we help each party or person find the right way to contribute. That way, we can get beyond all the noise and bluster, and allow everyone to take meaningful and positive action.

  • Impact startups can find support, expertise and funding by connecting with an invaluable network to help them scale.
  • Investors can find resources, high-quality deal-flow and a community of like-minded investors.
  • Corporates can motivate and engage their employees in meaningful activities with entrepreneurs to build the businesses of the future.
  • Governments can be involved in businesses that will put resources back into the economy, not just financially but also socially and environmentally. This can help influence policy changes as well as reducing long-term costs as businesses seek to reduce negative social and environmental impact.
  • Engaged individuals can discover how to contribute their own expertise and help build a brighter future.

Our platform allows everyone to contribute positive action together according to their experience and competencies. We are the gossamer web (organic, obviously) that brings together the best, most talented, driven and passionate people, so we can all be the change we want to see in the world.

The future we can create together…

As one of the most powerful drivers of widespread, systemic change, business has a responsibility to motivate that change in a positive direction.

As business people, our job is to accept that responsibility and, together, act upon it to create the future we all dream of, for ourselves, for our planet and for its future generations.

Imagine a world where businesses contribute positively to people and planet, while creating profit; a world where businesses – and the people that power them – collaborate rather than compete for better outcomes; a world where businesses exist as a force for good.

That’s the world we imagine. And we dare to dream it could be so. We dare to dream of working together to find lasting solutions to the great issues of our time and of a more prosperous future for all people.

Join us and discover what you can do…




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