You Dinny Respawn YDR

Scotland, United Kingdom Clothing, Health, Spiritual, Motivation, Life awareness

Short Summary

You Dinny Respawn (The YDR) is a life awareness movement, created to inspire people to help build and grow confidence & to trigger ones mind into the realisation that the individual needs to change in order to grow, develop, to reach their potential.


  • Unique and powerful brand name and logo, You Dinny Respawn, Life Awareness
  • I have 15 products with brand and logo, affiliate links to training
  • Social media following growing daily, website almost completed
  • An ideal time to invest in this ever expanding market of self investment
  • Passionate, dedicated, driven to all aspects of business & other people


Previous Rounds £500
Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
Investor Role Any
Please Note: Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read our Risk Warning and Disclaimer before deciding to invest.

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