London, United Kingdom Retail, Consumer, Technology, D2C, E-commerce

Short Summary

Wonder is the "Original Ready To Display Weekly Flower Co." This is a simple but truly revolutionary idea in the flower industry. Having changed the face of retail flowers in High St. we are now set to shake up the subscription flower sector.


  • A simple but revolutionary concept in a market worth £2.2Bn in the UK alone
  • A subscription business in an unsaturated market with low CAC and high LTV.
  • An team with decades of experience who have already changed the market..
  • Marketing test results achieved 693% better CTR than sector norm + <£5 CAC.
  • The only true competition is hugely profitable despite much inferior offer.


Previous Rounds £70,000
Stage Finished Product
Investor Role Any
Please Note: Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read our Risk Warning and Disclaimer before deciding to invest.

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