The Smarter Food Company

East Anglia, United Kingdom functional food, health supplements, nutraceuticals, biotech, cancer

Short Summary

Smarter Food is on a mission to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes. The company is developing foods, incorporating a unique variety of broccoli & patented technology. They’re fundraising to bring to market their 1st product, SmarterNaturally soup.


  • Our product may also lower cholesterol and help fight various cancers
  • Global nutraceutical market projected to hit $722.49bn by 2027
  • T2D accounts for >10% of the NHS budget. Projected to hit 17% by 2040
  • From Quadram Institute, one of the UK's food & health research orgs
  • In the US, 1 in 3 people are estimated to be pre-diabetic


Previous Rounds n/a
Stage Finished Product
Investor Role Any
Please Note: Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read our Risk Warning and Disclaimer before deciding to invest.

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