Respiratory Techology

East Midlands, United Kingdom MedTech, Biotech, Medical, NHS, Pharmaceutical

Short Summary

Patented technology that delivers a precise dose of oxygen to a patient, direct to the functioning area of the lung - opening up initial contracts of £7mil+. This replaces current, ineffective methods for treating patients with respiratory failure.


  • Prototype into Intensive Care Units, demonstrating safety and performance
  • Pipeline of government contracts: £2.3m in 2021 rising to £7.2m 2022
  • Direct access to the public and private marketplace
  • Highly experienced management team and Board of Directors
  • Patents across the vertical of technologies


Previous Rounds n/a
Stage Finished Product
Investor Role Any
Please Note: Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read our Risk Warning and Disclaimer before deciding to invest.

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