Emission & Fuel Reduction

North West, United Kingdom Greentech, Sustainability, Fuel Saving, Trucking, Emissions

Short Summary

Cibus21 has designed a patented Enhanced Combustion Technology that ensures diesel burns more efficiently and reduces emissions. Diesel will remain the major fuel of logistic companies for many decades to come and we solve its polluting effect today


  • Proven lower Diesel Fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions to 2035 Net Zero targets TODAY
  • Retrofit system. Easy to fit within 3 hours
  • Letters of Intent exceeding 25,000 units
  • Within our initial target markets total more than 14m existing trucks.


Previous Rounds £225,000
Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
Investor Role Monthly Involvement
Please Note: Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read our Risk Warning and Disclaimer before deciding to invest.

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