High growth startup companies are always on the lookout for investment to grow their business. In exchange they offer up an equity percentage of their business. Often the best companies set minimum investment amounts of £25k+. This can make it difficult for investors unwilling to invest such large amounts and those who want to diversify their portfolios. On SeedTribe, we give investors the opportunity to invest as little as £1,000 in some of the hottest UK startups while following bigger investors who have contributed the larger sums.

Step One: Join the tribe

SeedTribe is free to join and there is no obligation to invest. Sign up takes 30 seconds and you’ll then be free to view all our investment opportunities.

Step Two: Browse and evaluate opportunities

As a SeedTribe member you’ll be given access to all the details on our current investment opportunities and be able to evaluate them through our pitch template which gives details on the idea, the market, the team, finances and potential returns among others. You’ll also be able to view and request documents; and discuss with the entrepreneur.

Step Three: Invest from just £100

Our available opportunities are all carefully selected and pre-vetted so if you like a business, just click the ‘Invest’ button and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you’ve invested, don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends! This will help the company grow quicker and optimise your chances of making returns.

Step Four: We handle the paperwork

Our team of lawyers and accountants will arrange all the necessary paperwork to make the process as seamless as possible for you. You’ll get a chance to review your investment, but once you’ve signed the paperwork, the investment will be legally binding and your payment will be processed. We’ll also deal with any SEIS/EIS tax relief forms and send them out to you (if applicable).

Step Five: Receive your shares

When the entrepreneur receives your investment, your shares will be issued in your name through our nominee structure. The company will appear in the ‘Funded’ section of ‘My Portfolio’ from where you can receive updates and track the company’s progress.

Crowdfunding is a great way to complete a funding round. On SeedTribe, everyday investors invest alongside top Angel Investors who want to invest smaller amounts and diversify their portfolios. So you get the benefits of angel investing and crowdfunding all rolled into one - you’ll complete your round not only with the funds, but also backed by a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

Step One: Join the Tribe

SeedTribe is free to join and sign up takes 30 seconds. You’ll then be free to start your fundraise application. (If you’re joining in order to fundraise please select ‘Everyday investor’ in the sign up process.)

Step Two: Submit a pitch application

Once you’re signed up, click "Add a Pitch" to start your application. Fill in the questions on our easy-to-follow template (this should take about half an hour). When you’re happy, click "Submit" to send your application for review by our team.

Step Three: Launch and share

Once your pitch has been reviewed and perfected with the help of our team, it will be made live for SeedTribe members to view, evaluate and invest. You have 60 days to raise funds. If you successfully reach or exceed your target at the end of the 60 days, the funds will be transferred to your registered account. Once your pitch is live, share it with as many people as possible to increase your exposure and chances of getting funded.

Step Four: Receive funds

When someone wants to invest we’ll notify you and prepare the relevant paperwork. Once everything is signed, the investor will transfer the funds for you to start using straightaway.

Step Five: Complete your raise

When your fundraise is complete, you’ll be able to send updates to all investors who can track your company’s progress through their SeedTribe Portfolio (we’ll send you the full list of your investors with their contact details). You’ll also be featured on our page of successful companies.




You have passed the test and you may continue your with your investment.