Due Diligence

What Due Diligence checks do we perform for SeedTribe pitches?

  • Do we feel satisfied that the company has a sound business model?
  • Does the team appear to be strong team and experienced?
  • Is the market size in which the company operating big enough?
  • Does the valuation of the company seem fair?
  • Do the Directors of the company pass our Background Check process, as conducted by our FCA-approved background check providers?
  • Are statements and claims in the pitch-deck factual?
  • Can they prove that they have contracts in place with partners, where they state this?
  • Is there consistency throughout the pitch-deck?
  • Is a merger or acquisition being discussed with a third party?
  • Do their financial projections seem realistic?
  • Is the entrepreneur's page consistent with the information provided in the pitch-deck?
  • Does the company offer tax relief to their investors such as EIS or SEIS in the U.K.?
  • Do the articles of association include the relevant provisions related to shares and shareholder rights?
  • Verify that they have certificates of incorporation with Companies House
  • Is the company party to any litigation or aware of any threatened litigation?
  • Do they have any registered Trademarks or IP?
  • Does all the team have contracts in place?
  • Latest bank statement to provide
  • Details of any debt
  • Inventory of assets
  • Copy of any software licences
  • Audited financial statements from the last 3 years of operation
  • If the company is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, what are those goals and what are the Key Performance Indicators in place in order to measure this impact?




You have passed the test and you may continue your with your investment.