November Newsletter: Innovation and Financial Inclusion


It’s been a busy couple of weeks at SeedTribe. Having gone through lots of your feedback, we’ve been working away on improving the design of the Hub. Whilst throwing up some difficult questions, it has been exciting to create and implement a new design which we would love you to check out. Let us know what you think!

Outside of the office, SeedTribe has  been at some fantastic events. Liv was a judge in New York for the D&AD Future Impact Accelerator, also providing mentorship to the winners of the Future Impact Programme. All the winners have created design solutions which have the potential to change the world and it was amazing to see their ideas, which included mosquito nets that can be turned into environmentally-friendly fishing nets; devices that help deaf people detect suspicious sounds in their homes and drawing kits that help people with dementia to reconnect with their earlier memories, to name but a few.

Back in the UK, we were on the panel at The Collective Foundation’s Demo Day  discussing the role that business has in creating social and environmental transformation, which is what SeedTribe is all about. We were also at the Blooming Founders Next Level: Business Growth Conference which was full of useful tips and tricks about how to grow your startup. 

We’d love to see you at an event soon. To find out about upcoming impact related events, have a look at our curated events section. 


This week we are talking about a topic that many of us often try and avoid: money. Our profiles are of two amazing startups that use technology to transform how people can access money, financial information and services. Both Bippit and Smart Purse are innovatively using their for-profit business models to empower previously marginalised or excluded groups, giving them the knowledge and ability to have greater control over their finances.


Sam, Founder of Bippit, talks to us about how their revolutionary platform is aiming to give millions of young adults in the UK access to personalised, automated, and free financial advice.

Smart Purse  

We spoke to Olga, Co-Founder of Smart Purse, about  how they are transforming the way money gets discussed and planned by women by building an innovative financial tool kit.

Bippit and Smart Purse challenge the traditional systems surrounding financial inclusion, without sacrificing profit in their own business models. Their platforms are disrupting the norm, bringing positive change and benefits not only to a large addressable markets but to society as a whole. 

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