November Newsletter: Spotlight on Sustainable Fashion


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Following on from your suggestions to have more stories on entrepreneurs building their businesses, we have been busy interviewing some amazing founders, including Jane and Abbie whose stories are shared below. We are also incorporating your ideas as we work on making the Hub more user friendly. We couldn’t build SeedTribe without you, so please keep the feedback coming!


This week our focus is on the fashion industry and sustainable consumption. Within the fashion industry, there are numerous environmental, social and ethical challenges, ranging from the use of non-renewable resources and huge levels of pollution, to a lack of supply-chain transparency and poor wages. Our spotlight features two innovative and exciting startups aiming to make the fashion industry more sustainable.


We interviewed Jane, the Founder of Loopster, to find out how her company is challenging the throw away fashion culture. Loopster makes it easier for people to buy second hand clothing,  closing the loop between the use and reuse of clothing.

Compare Ethics

We spoke to Abbie, Co-Founder of Compare Ethics, to find out how her business is helping conscious consumers to shop more sustainably and find products which are good for both people and the planet.

So whilst fashion fads may come and go, these startups show that sustainability isn’t just another trend. Instead it presents an exciting opportunity to create great, for-profit businesses which are good for people, the planet and your wardrobe.

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