Waste Innovation

As we use more and more of the world’s resources, traditional forms of recycling will no longer be enough to reduce waste, limit resource use and provide for the world’s growing population. Instead, innovative new solutions are needed to rethink how we make everything we need. As the startups below show, waste no longer has to be wasteful, but can be reused in a myriad of ground-breaking ways.

Renovare Fuels Ltd. has created a process that allows anyone who creates large amounts of biodegradable waste to start producing their own fuel. From farms to airlines, this creates huge opportunities to reduce costs and cut wastage, without putting any new carbon into the atmosphere. 

Global Remediation Technologies has designed a new technology that rapidly cleans oil-contaminated sands, silts and sludges, whilst recovering the oil for reuse. Their process recovers 99% of oil, and is 10 times faster and 40% cheaper than current practices.

Waste to Energy Project are specialists in designing, building, and operating waste to energy plants which convert waste into renewable fuels and energy. Not only does this tackle landfill issues, but it also creates jobs and income.

These startups are redefining our relationship with waste. To find out more about how our understanding of waste has changed over time, listen to the BBC’s podcast The History of Wastefulness. It really does seem that, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For more amazing podcasts like this one, as well as videos, webinars and events visit our brand new Hub.

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