Mental Health Matters

Every year 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health problems. Following on from World Mental Health Day, we are looking at mental health from the perspective of startups and entrepreneurs, including how these issues are talked about by entrepreneurs and what startups are doing to improve mental wellbeing. 

Our very own Olivia Sibony was recently in conversation with Adah Parris, discussing the relationship between mental health, investors and entrepreneurs. Watch them discuss questions including how investors view mental health, and how entrepreneurs can come together and support each other. 

To hear from an entrepreneur who has suffered from mental illness, listen to this Microdose podcast with David Hickson of Founders Factory who talks candidly about his own experiences. For more fantastic content like this, visit our brand new Hub.

Beyond these discussions, startups are also creating new ways to help improve mental well-being. For example, Tlero is addressing the current workplace mental health crisis. Through their app, they deliver mental health training courses to employees and managers to help prevent and manage mental health issues within the workforce. As 30 leading companies have signed up to the mental health at work commitment, efforts to improve employee mental health look set to continue. 

At the other end of the spectrum, Bounce Works has developed a service to help children, and their parents, better understand mental wellbeing. Their service includes expert-led courses for parents, an emotional strengths dashboard, screen-free family games and connections to other families via shared values.

If you know of any startups working to address mental health issues or would like to contact the entrepreneurs, email us at

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