Nootropics and the fast growing brain health market.

earthly biotics nootropic investment

Earthly Biotics, a company producing natural supplements (also known as a ‘nootropic’) to support brain health and cognitive performance, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on SeedTribe.

Founder, Krys Szota, was inspired to start the company by his father, who has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for over 20 years. This, combined with his own background in the Royal Marines, coaching elite international swimmers and counselling trauma victims of drowning, led him to conduct extensive research into the use of natural supplements to support brain health.

nootropic investment

Brain health market estimated to grow to £9 billion

With neurodegenerative diseases, depression and anxiety on the rise, consumers are increasingly self-educating and seeking natural supplements online. This has spawned a new market for brain health and cognitive performance products, also known as ‘nootropics.’ This market is estimated to grow to £9 billion globally by 2024.

However, many products are not as natural as they claim. “The herbal supplement market is currently plagued by low grade synthetic variants”, says Krys. “They are sold as “natural” but in reality often contain an excess of synthetics, binders or fillers. Our approach is grounded in research and maximising the pure, active ingredients in all of our products.”

Taking on the herbal supplement industry

Following a successful launch of their Global Nootropic Series product range, the company is set to take on the herbal supplement industry with a refreshing new approach. Their beautifully-packaged products use only clean, natural ingredients backed by clinical research; and they place education and transparency at the heart of their customer service.

“The importance of performance and longevity in brain health is finally coming to light and we’re proud to be providing products to lead the way. At Earthly Biotics, our mission is to be the beacon of trust for the natural brain health and herbal supplement consumer, providing premium quality products with clean ingredients supported by research-based education to positively impact their lives,”
Krys said.

A Sustainable Investment Opportunity

For Liv Sibony, Head of Crowdfunding at SeedTribe, Earthly Biotics presents an opportunity to invest in a sustainable business.

“With a growing concern around the effects of modern day life on our health and wellbeing, we are excited to see how Earthly Biotics is tackling this huge problem with a practical, innovative solution. Krys’ focus on building a lean business operation, as evidenced through his MVP, makes him well positioned to scale in a fast growing market. His crowdfunding campaign provides a sustainable investment opportunity with the potential to make a positive impact on brain health for consumers around the world.”

Earthly Biotics is equity crowdfunding through SeedTribe, raising investment to take their nootropic products to market and expand their range.

Visit their campaign page here for more information

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