The UK’s first Circular Economy Solution for Plastic Recycling

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Innovative waste transformation company Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD) announced today plans to launch the first circular economy solution for food grade plastic recycling in the UK. 

What is the circular economy?

A circular economy is a more sustainable alternative to the traditional linear economy model where we make something, use it and then dispose of it.

A circular economy focuses on extracting the maximum value from a product before recovering the used product for regeneration and ultimately re-use.

This model has several advantages including waste and environmental impact reduction, increased resource productivity and a healthier approach to resource scarcity.

How is ASD using circular economy principles?

The company is building a Digital Advertising Recycling Platform (DARP) to offer consumers on-the-go an incentive to recycle, whilst providing brands with a new advertising channel to demonstrate their green credentials. Waste will be treated in plants that Advanced have developed or co-designed in England and Wales, with the recycled material sold as food grade material for new packaging products.

The first DARP machines will be placed in high footfall public locations across London, Manchester and Birmingham from October 2019.

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ASD CEO Ahmed Detta said:

A study on food packaging found that 79% of consumers agree people should be incentivised to recycle plastic. Our mission is to create a new generation of consumers who recycle not through choice, but through an unconscious decision. We want to make recycling effortless and second nature for people and not a burden or inconvenience.”

With about 60% of our time spent outside the home, Detta says the issues with on-the-go recycling are three-fold:

“Firstly, not enough people are recycling. Of the five and a half million plastic bottles bought on-the-go each day in the UK, 700,000 are littered. Secondly, on-demand recycling services are inadequate. There’s a lack of resource invested in educating consumers on what can be recycled which means much of it ends up contaminated and in landfill. And thirdly, we are struggling to get real recycling figures for specific materials. Our research has shown that some plastic materials are being recycled locally, but we are seeing significant volumes of PET being sent abroad for burning or some form of processing.”

ASD is crowdfunding its plastic solution on Seedtribe

Seedtribe’s Head of Crowdfunding, Liv Sibony, says the ASD solution is an ideal fit for the platform and impact-focussed investors:

“Ahmed and his team are tackling the issue of on-demand recycling at every angle and have clearly demonstrated the profit potential for a circular economy solution. We’re keen to encourage and inspire investors to take action through investments to solve challenges such as this, making a genuine difference in the world while also generating the strong returns possible from early-stage investments.”

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For more information on Advanced Sustainable Developments, visit their campaign page here 

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